Hourvillage aims to be a platform that embodies
the idea of community by helping each other,
empowering each other with skills and knowledge
and be the hub for organisations to find passionate
volunteers for their Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR) activities.

Charities & Non-Profits

  • Reach new volunteers faster
  • Reward your volunteers
  • Improve your volunteer tracking
  • Reduce your menial work
  • Improve your volunteer engagement

Companies & Schools

  • New channel for recruiting volunteers
  • Better tracking
  • Insightful data analytics
  • Improve your volunteering spirit and impact
  • Uncover human resource skills and talents

Communities & Governments

  • Encourage giving in your community
  • Reward your community with time
  • Improve your community’s skill set
  • Understand how your community interacts
  • Spot social trends as they emerge
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