21 Sep 2018

‘Time exchange platform “hourvillage” using blockchain signs development cooperation with Microsoft Singapore’

We’ve been getting traction in Japan. When Hourvillage launches in Singapore later this year, you can learn Japanese to read about our cooperation with Microsoft sans-translation!

Read the full Reuters article here:

14 Sep 2018

“Soon, You Can Do Good With This New Currency Exchange App – And It Doesn’t Involve Money” sounds like a good read, and it is!

Hourvillage and our founder Andy’s story has been shared on YP SG. Read the full feature here:

06 Sep 2018

Hourvillage will be having a booth at Beats & Bytes (part of Social Innovation Festival) ! Head to Leng Kee CC on 9 Sep, Sunday to experience technology and various meaningful social causes come together.

There will be performances, free workshops and talks. Bring your friends and family to busk in the festivity of this wholesome event!

Check out for more details on the event.

See you there!

16 Aug 2018

We read this article and in less than 20 words, we summed up what Adrenalin Group has to offer ,” Event management and social good tied up with a dose of technology.”

30% of Adrenalin’s employment includes teammates who are deaf, wheelchair-bound and youth-at-risk.

Read the full article at

Drop us a message if you’ll find any social enterprises worth advocating for! We’d love to know more!

08 Aug 2018

Our co-founder and CTO, Asheesh will be serving as a mentor for Singapore’s first Ground-up Social Innovation Festival‘s Hackathon!

He hopes to share his experience in his technology journey to aid the teams into developing a viable solution.

Teams will gather to build a sustainable solution for a list of curated social challenges.Winners will receive $5000 in cash prize to develop their ideas into reality!


06 Aug 2018
A truly unique and localized experience. Mummy Soh invites strangers to learn how to cook old family dishes and bond over meals.
Her bubbliness is infectious as she weaves through the kitchen with her jokes and imparts knowledge to her guests. We need an active community-minded person like her to pass on the love of our home-grown cuisine!
Watch her in action at 

01 Aug 2018

We see our unsung heroes almost daily and it warms our heart to learn how a mother shares her journey of her son developing a bond with our migrant workers.

“Jake was just two-and-a-half years old when we first got to know them. At that age, there’s no way I could have taught him about kindness, or about how we should make friends with people from different walks of life,” she said.

Worth the read!

04 Jul 2018

Reach Youth Service has an upcoming Flag Day next Saturday! Raise funds for our community, it only takes 2 hours of your time!

Sign up at !

#HourTimetoInspire #ThisisHourTime

03 Jul 2018
Join our Facebook Community Group at
Be part of the community and engage in meaningful conversations on skills-sharing and more!



02 Jul 2018

10 jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago

Did your job not exist ten years ago?

From drone operators to app developers: do you have one of these jobs?

Posted by Tech in Asia on Thursday, 7 June 2018

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