04 Jul 2018

Reach Youth Service has an upcoming Flag Day next Saturday! Raise funds for our community, it only takes 2 hours of your time!

Sign up at !

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03 Jul 2018
Join our Facebook Community Group at
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02 Jul 2018

10 jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago

Did your job not exist ten years ago?

From drone operators to app developers: do you have one of these jobs?

Posted by Tech in Asia on Thursday, 7 June 2018

28 Jun 2018

Our Founder & CEO, Andy Mankiewicz (extreme right in the picture), received a gift of appreciation on 27th June 2018 from the President of the Rotary Club of Singapore for his efforts as Vice-President for the Rotary Year 2017/2018.

We look forward to working with the Rotary Club in their new Rotary Year and recognising the achievements of many Rotarians in terms of volunteer hours.

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27 Jun 2018

Paul Lee is an exceptional human being. Despite his challenges, he volunteers actively in the community. We’re spurred by his actions to take initiative and be the change we want to be! #inclusive

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26 Jun 2018

South East CDC has organised a series of Digital Clinics to help seniors with their smartphone queries.. It’s heartening to see them interacting with youths, and keeping in pace with technology. We’re never too old to learn!

They need volunteers who are able to converse in mandarin to explain about the Android phones.

Date: 7 July, Saturday
Time: 9.30am- 1.00 pm
Venue: Fengshan CC

Date: 28 July, Saturday
Time: 9.30am- 1.00 pm
Venue: The Waterina 51 Lor 40 Geylang S398075

Contact if you’re interested to sign up!

25 Jun 2018

Art knows no boundaries. Creative Growth Art Center is inclusive and gives a platform for people with disabilities to shine in art. Their products in high demand. Keep up the great work!

Click on to watch this beautiful feature.

21 Jun 2018

Everyone has a backstory to tell, how adversity has affected us and moulded us into the people we’re today. This young man shares his experience and words of wisdom at Humans of Singapore.

Click on to read the post!

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20 Jun 2018

Half-Half. We can build together.” These kids are so adorable. There is a seed of kindness in every child. Giving is a choice we can make. Credits to @Fairpricesg





19 Jun 2018

@itsrainingraincoats has organised a Big Potluck event for our unsung heroes, our migrant workers! They have come to Singapore to build a better future for us and their families.

It’s a day to be inclusive and appreciate them for their hard work.

Visit @itsrainingraincoats to be part of the event!

#ThisisHourTime #HourtimetoInspire #inclusive

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